The next JUUL replacement? Read Pizza Dave's Full Review on the 1K Dev – Kilo E-Liquids

The next JUUL replacement? Read Pizza Dave's Full Review on the 1K Device!

Pizza Dave Delivers
A Closed Pod System The 1K by Kilo Eliquids


Hello everyone, Pizza Dave here, delivering you another look at the Kilo 1K pre-filled pod system. This is essentially my third rodeo with this device. However, this time around the 1K system I tested is designed for the UK market. The original pods contained 45mg nic salt, but these are 20mg to abide by local laws. That being said, this will be a mix of previous thoughts along with how these 20mg pods vape. Let’s get right to it eh?


DISCLAIMER: These liquids were sent to me by Kilo for review.




  • 1 - Kilo 350mah battery

  • 1 - USB charging cable

  • Paperwork

  • 4 Different flavored pods - Dewberry fruit, lemon berry ice, smooth tobacco, and sweet mango.


Available in Black, Blue, and Red




Various flavors



The Kilo 1k is designed to be easy. It has no buttons and has one dual color LED on the front. First step out of the box is to charge it up. Insert the micro USB into the port and the light will go red. When fully charged, the light will go white. When using, the device will illuminate white to indicate that it is functioning. As long as the battery level is good, it is white, but when it gets low (which you can feel), it will go red. At this time, you must charge the battery. I wish there was a multistage notification on this. I mentioned that in my original review long ago, but I HATE when devices go from all good to dead without early warning.




Since this is a closed pod, this section will be almost 100% opinion with very few hard facts. This UK based kit will come with 4 different pods, each of which is a 20mg salt nic 50/50 liquid. These also have 1.5ml of capacity, so they last quite a while. The ones listed below are what came in my starter kit, but they seem to be developing new flavors all the time.


SWEET MANGO – 20mg, 50/50 vg/pg, 1.8-ohm

I went for the mango right away. When I reviewed this in the past, it was my go to pod of the bunch. That remains the same. With 20mg nic salt, the throat hit is still present, but not nearly as throaty as the 45mg I had before. The mango flavor is spot on, flavorful, and refreshing.


LEMON BERRY ICE – 20mg, 50/50 vg/pg, 1.8-ohm

This too was a flavor I enjoyed before. It is supposed to be a mix of berries, but I get mostly lemon, menthol, and a hint of strawberry. Still the same way I can describe it today. It isn’t overly mentholated and just tastes good.


DEWBERRY FRUIT – 20mg, 50/50 vg/pg, 1.8-ohm

Dewberry fruit is a staple of Kilo eliquids. Many that have been around a while know this flavor. It is a combination of honeydew and mixed berries. If that sounds good to you, that is what you will get. I found this to be throaty in 45mg, but not as much in 20mg making it even more enjoyable. There is a reason this is one of their top flavors. It’s been around a while and still holds up.


SMOOTH TOBACCO – 20mg, 50/50 vg/pg, 1.8-ohm

If you like tobacco vapes, I think you would like this one. It is a mix of a sweeter, almost cigar like tobacco. It brings me back to the early days where many tobacco flavors were the way to go. Ya know….RY4 and the like. This has a sweet, almost caramel tone within and I dig it, especially while I drink a beer.




They have a lot of flavors available. I did some digging and found that these all appear to be available online in 20mg for use in the UK.

  • · Strawberry

  • · Nutty

  • · Menthol Tobacco

  • · Lemon Berry Ice

  • · Dewberry Fruit

  • · Smooth Tobacco

  • · Green Apple Candy

  • · Lemon Meringue

  • · Strawberry Milk

  • · Fruit Tart

  • · Milk Coffee

  • · Peach

  • · Blue Raspberry Ice

  • · Green Apple Ice

  • · Strawberry Ice

  • · Dewberry Fruit Ice


BONUS POD REVIEW - GREEN APPLE ICE– 20mg, 50/50 vg/pg, 1.8-ohm

They sent me a pack of these along as well. Damn it’s delicious. I love me a good green apple flavor in the springtime/summertime. They didn’t overpower the apple with menthol either. This has a distinct, almost candy green apple flavor with a cooling sensation. Might be my favorite yet.






The Kilo 1K has been used by me a lot over the last year. Kilo kept sending, so I kept using it. I could almost say I have done a long term review, as I have used this system on and off for a year. The device itself seems to work fine, with the only real con being the lack of multiple level battery indication. One of the only other cons is that some pods are a little leaky and require a cleanout in the base. I even have had some come with liquid all over them in the pack. This didn’t happen often, but did happen. One last con that I picked up on over the years is that once the protective covers are off the pods, there is no way of knowing what liquid is inside without vaping them. There are many times where I would flip flop flavors without having the covers laying around and then I’d go back to a different flavor. This happened a lot when I had several different flavors to try out. Other than these few things, I dig this system. I mean, it isn’t perfect, but it works great for what it is. When I take this to work, I get a full day out of the battery and the pods last me a few days easily. Unlike JUUL, which seems to be gone after a day and a half. At 20mg, ALL of the flavors smoothed out more than the 45mg counterpart and it is more enjoyable for me. Sure, I had to take a few more puffs to fill the void, but I would trade off smoothness for potency any day. Like I said before, I have had a bunch of these over a year and they are all still kicking. I took them fishing, to bars, camping, work, and everywhere in between and not a single one died yet. That alone tells me that these are built a little better than other small systems like this. As far as recommendations on this, if you are a JUUL user looking to get away from a garbage company, get this. If you are a smoker looking for a starter, take a strong look at this. If you are a traditional vapor and need an emergency device, or just want something ultra portable for occasions, then this could be perfect for you.




If this were to accidentally go into the pizza oven would I go out and get another? This isn’t my first time having one of these around. I like having them around for a backup or for taking with me somewhere that I could potentially lose one.





  • Decent flavor

  • Nice looking design

  • Rubberized finish

  • Tons of different flavors

  • Proven to be durable for such an affordable system




  • Battery indication is either good, or dead, no in between.

  • Some pods are leaky, but nothing a quick wipe down here and there can’t fix.


Thank you everyone for reading my review and thank you to Kilo for sending it my way for review. Kilo has an EU based site selling the starter kit for £19.99

Pizza Dave – delivering real reviews with no extra toppings



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